My name is Belinda Chisholm, I’m from Scotland and I’m currently resident in the U.A.E.

What do I do? I’m a freelance Analyst Programmer who hasn’t taken the usual route of securing a job and sponsorship with a company here in the U.A.E. Instead I have a Freezone Licence, basically a work permit, making me eligible for a residents licence.

Why am I here? I have wanted to experience living abroad for a long time. I have been fortunate to see many countries but never visited the Middle East and after so much rain, wind and snow in Scotland the almost constant sunshine here is the perfect antidote.

Why the U.A.E. and why Ajman? There is no doubt, the U.A.E. is an amazing place and the people here come from every possible corner of the world. The infrastructure is something to be seen and if luxury is your thing this really is the place to be.

Ajman itself is going through a process of regeneration and this is reflected in the mood of the people living here. It’s an interesting time to be here and see the changes being made.  On the practical side it is also only an eight hour flight away from Scotland and it is central point for travelling to anywhere else, budget and time allowing. Budget also has to be a consideration when it comes to living costs and Ajman makes that a slightly more reasonable proposition for a freelancer trying to avoid the repercussions of Brexit!

Last but not least the sunsets along the corniche are…
ajman sunset

So this is a blog about all things Ajman and sharing my experiences during my time in this Emirate. Oh and please don’t call me an expat…I’m still very patriotic! I hope you enjoy reading, wish me luck!

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