Conversational Arabic

English Arabic Dictionary Image

During my time here I would like to attempt to learn to Arabic. Obviously not written Arabic, I only have residence for 3 years, but at least spoken or as they say here conversational Arabic.

So if you see the odd word here and there in the blog that looks like English but isn’t quite English it will be Romanised, or as I would say, a phonetic version of Arabic words, for example Akhbar for News. Sometimes I use my own form of phonetics to help me remember the words more easily!

It is not just arabic you have to learn but your language in general has to change along with your accent.

Try to speak in normal scots english and it is highly unlikely you will be understood.

Not surprising. Most people I meet speak 2 or more languages. In the UK we are spoiled and lazy because most other countries also speak English so we don’t need to try.

to be continued…

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