Al Sahal Al Akhdar Sweets Review

Alsahal Alakhdar Sweets

Summary – Clean, great service, top quality desserts at a reasonable price.

I came across this place when I was buying some sweets on U.A.E Day for an friend who lives in Ajman. I didn’t buy anything for myself but the staff were very kind  and packaged up the sweets up in a nice U.A.E. Day box I brought specially with me for the purpose.

The next time I visited I was with a friend from Abu Dhabi who has extremely good taste and they tried some of the Kanufa pictured above.  Apparently it is very good but cheese is not my idea of a dessert so I passed up the offer to try it.

The next time we visited we bought some Warbat, 5 dirhams for a single portion. I like baclava but small triangles of flaky pastry with syrup poured over appealed to me about as much as the Kanufa did but this time I was persuaded to try it.

Big mistake.

No huge mistake.

It was fantastic.

The balance of flake, sugary syrup and gooeyness at the bottom was complete perfection.

I live in the vicinity of Al Sahal Al Akhdar sweets, how am I going to resist? Big, big, big mistake 🙂

The shop is extremely clean and well looked after and the sweets are displayed to their best advantage. It’s close to the corniche and the new marina and really is worth a visit.  If you do decide to go tell them Love Ajman sent you, and leave me some Warbat please!


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